About the Company

Our company is family owned and based out of Winter Park, Florida and services the greater Orlando area. We pride ourselves in on our professional and personalized approach to every project. We offer "top to bottom" cleaning on both residential and commercial properties. This includes pressure washing, roof soft washing, building washing, window cleaning (inside and out) ... and more! 

Call or text: (407)-978-8834

Provide details of requested service to: james@deerebros.com

Residential Window Cleaning

Home window cleaning involves more than the cleaning the panes. We treat the screens and all areas around the window to ensure a finished look. 

Soft Washing Services

Have you ever rented a pressure washer and learned that it's not enough to address the problem? 

Worse, have you or a pressure washing service ever damaged sensitive surfaces or paint? 

Soft washing is the way to go not only to preserve paint, but also roofs and stucco exteriors. The process is a mixture of water, chemical treatment, and surfactant (basically a specially formulated soap to minimize runoff).

We take extreme care to make sure that we have the proper mix of chemicals and low pressure rinse to both properly clean AND preserve areas of concern.